M1 J18, near Rugby


In September 2011 Daventry District Council approved our plans to build 2 x 110m tall turbines at Junction 18 of the M1.  We are pleased to announce those turbines have now been constructed and are fully operational.  To view some photos of hte project please take a look at the M1 J18 Album of our Flickr Account.

Project Details:

Site name:M1 J18
Site location:Between Celtic Way and the M1
Turbine height:110m
No. of turbines:2
Rated power per turbine:2MW
Approximate installed capacity:4MW
Turbine model:Vestas V90
Approximate number of homes served1:2,100
Predicted community benefit fund:£12,000 per year
Planning Authority:Daventry District Council
Started Operating:December 2014


1 Based on DECC statistics of average UK domestic electricity consumption

Our calculations explained